Mt. TAKAO Produce


Kicori & Equali

Completion : 09.2018
Location : Tokyo Japan
Use : Hair salon & Cafe
Client : Antina
Photo : Yohei Yamakami

This was a project to renovate a two-story wooden single-family house to a beauty salon and a cafe/dining area in a residential area located within a 10-minute walk from the south gate of JR Hachioji Station.

Equali located on the first floor is a small cafe/dining area with about 10 seats. At the entrance, a raised portion of the existing floor was removed in order to enlarge the entrance area that serves both as a reception area for the beauty salon, and a waiting area-cum-coffee serving counter. Subway tiles and plywood were used to cover the lower portions of the walls at the seating area.

Kicori on the second floor is a beauty salon with three hair styling seats and two shampoo basins. The floor was entirely covered with solid oak flooring materials. Roofing boards were exposed above the hair styling seats in order to secure an ample ceiling height.

The house was completely renovated on each floor. However, the remnants of the interior of the house, such as the entrance floor with boulders and handrails at the stairwell, were left in order to create an atmosphere unique to the building.





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