Mt. TAKAO Produce



Completion : 12.2015
Location : Tokyo, Japan
Use: Shop & Office
Photo:Tomoki Hirokawa

This is a branch of a real estate company that will open in front of JR Hachioji station. It is designed as a café-style space where people can casually stop by and relax, rather than like an ordinary office where customers are served at a counter, with real estate information posted at the front.

Inside the store, there is a reception counter, a lounge, a kids' space, as well as large and small meeting rooms. The interior is predominantly white and the floor is covered with wooden flooring in some areas and with large tiles in others. While the counter, shelves, tables, chairs, and other furniture are all made of light-colored wood, the metallic pendant lighting hanging from the ceiling is made of hot-dip galvanized steel. By using wooden and metal materials in different places, we designed the space to create an impression of warmth while also maintaining a sense of sharpness.

The large and small meeting rooms are separated from the rest of the branch by fixed windows and wooden frame doors, thereby providing depth and transparency to the space. The four wooden frame doors that separate the larger room can be placed inside the walls. When a talk event or a workshop is held, these doors are all removed to allow the meeting room to be used as part of the lounge space.

We hope this space will be able to benefit from its convenient location in front of a railway station and can serve as a local hub where many people, including those who need real estate information, can gather together.





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