Mt. TAKAO Produce


TAKAO Armchair

Product Design : Mt. TAKAO Produce
Factory : Walden
Photo :Akira Kasuga

Photo by Akira Kasuga

This armchair was designed and produced by Mt. TAKAO Produce.

For the arms and the seat, keyaki (Japanese zelkova), a broad-leaved tree that has the strength and the beautiful grain required for fine furniture, is selected among all the trees that grow and are lumbered in the area around Mt. Takao. We apply a process of bending the wood to achieve a seamless, wood-grain finish for the arms.

The combination of the 13.8φ steel pipe and the slender brass-plated legs creates a contrast between the keyaki wood and gold, accentuating the beauty of both.

This simple, yet classic chair was designed and manufactured with the goal of creating something that will continue to be a fixture of various spaces around the world a hundred years from now.

Mt. TAKAO Produceが企画・デザインしたアームチェアです。


13.8φ のスチールパイプに真鍮メッキを施した華奢な脚を組み合わせる事で、欅とゴールドの対比を創り出し、双方の美しさを際立たせます。


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Width : 538.5mm
Depth : 495mm
Height : 690mm
Seat Height : 425mm
Materials : Wood, Steel
Price : 250,000JPY+Tax (Made-to-order product)

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