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Mt. Takao is the world’s most-climbed mountain with 2.6 million visitors a year.

The mountain offers historical, cultural, and natural attractions just an hour away from central Tokyo such as Takaosan Yakuoin Temple, said to be founded in 744 by the Buddhist monk Gyoki, and various animals and plants living in the natural forest featuring a wide variety of trees. Michelin Green Guide Japan gave it three stars in 2009, putting it on par with places such as Kyoto, Nikko, and Mt. Fuji and reflecting its position as one of Japan’s major destinations.

Mt. TAKAO Produce was founded here in this world-class area to create designs for spaces related to food, clothing, and shelter—the necessities of life—in order to promote creative and forward-looking living.

By designing spaces that more people will fall in love with, we hope to improve the quality of people’s everyday lives as well as establish and spread information about a lifestyle unique to this area.



世界に誇るべきエリアに拠点を置き、クリエイティブかつ先進的な暮らしの実現を目標に「衣」・「食」・「住」空間に関わるデザインを行うために「Mt.TAKAO Produce」を設立しました。


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Bunshu Bldg 2F
2-27-6 Myojin-cho Hachioji Tokyo
192-0046 Japan

東京都八王子市明神町 2-27-6

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